Friday, April 20, 2007

Summer <Web /> online

Since everybody is blogging and spreading the word about it (well, at least Sabin Buraga and Alina Mierluş) I thought I should contribute too: I started submitting the thing online, to "major" events websites: Eventful and Upcoming.
I had some fun with that tag in the title of the event, but the great discovery was that, as opposed to upcoming's policy on url classes, eventful just does not allow you to add an url (a class="url") for your event. At all. Whatever you do, wherever you add your link, it will not be THE url of the vevent. Their class="url" is for the permalink of the event on eventful. That is, still on their website. I wonder if this is marketing (all events homepages are on eventful) or just plain wrong applied semantics, AGAIN.

The happy end of this story is this.

For the upcoming story there is no happy-end: I couldn't add FCS as a venue on upcoming (I tried like 3-4 times):

and because you cannot add events without venues, summer <Web/> 2007 is not on Upcoming. Yet. I'll try again the next days, maybe this is only because of the changes they're going through now (merging upcoming accounts with yahoo accounts), though I can't see any connection.

Does anyone know if there is a Romanian events website? We should submit it there, too...

Oh, and I shouldn't forget to mention that I will be talking about microformats at Summer <Web/> 2007. See you there!


Edward said...


WRT @class='url' on Eventful, I've put a fix on our staging server which will go live next time we push (some time in the next few days).

The Eventful permalink will still be url+uid, but all user-added links get class url.


Neil Kandalgaonkar said...

I'm very sorry about what happened. You hit a serious bug with our system on our first day of a major upgrade. I believe everything should be fine now.

Based on what I could see from the screenshot, and the website, I have created the venue and the event on Upcoming and transferred ownership to you.

By the way, we strip angle brackets from the title of an event for various reasons which I won't go into here. As a workaround, I've used the Unicode characters U+2329 and U+232A instead.

Once again, sorry for the poor experience, and please don't hesitate to contact me at neilk [AT] if you have any other issues.