Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The book has appeared!

The "Web 2.0 programming" book is now ready to be released in shops: yesterday I have seen (touched and smelled) the final and printed version of the book. The Polirom publishing house has done a great job after all and the result is one we can be proud of. In the book you can read:

  • Andrei Mihaila's chapter about load balancing in web clusters

  • Sabin Buraga's chapter about JavaScript programming. Sabin is also the coordinator of the volume, i.e. the one that 'directed' the whole process of writing and publishing the book.

  • Ciprian Amariei and Andreea Pantescu's chapter on collaborative code review

  • My chapter on web recommendations using microformats

  • Cati (Ecaterina Valica)'s great chapter on mashup applications

You can find more details about the book either on the blog dedicated to the book (where you will be able to comunicate with the authors and the other readers), on the presentation page of the book, or on the polirom website.


adina said...

Well done ! Congrats to all of you !!!
Let me suggest that you should write about your impressions as a young teacher. Can't wait to find out how the process is seen from the other side ... (the dark side ... just kidding :-P)

Best wishes and don't stop having fun, Adina

P.S. Tell Sabin that his former students say hello and remember him with much pleasure...

Marius said...

Congrats and a big round of applause! ;-)