Thursday, March 15, 2007

Porkoo, season 1, episode 1 (teaser)

Because I know you haven't got a damn clue about who Porkoo is...
Previous, on Porkoo: he is a young pig from a small town near Iasi and, as he just finished highschool, he comes to study in Iasi. He knows (he has heard from his older friends) that Iasi is a big city, with good universities, cool discos and possibilities of having fun as well as getting culturalized. Porkoo is pretty smart, with good marks in highschool (actually his colleagues often called him 'geek') but no big plans with his life: he's not really decided what he wants to study. So he decides to go up on the Copou hill (where his parents told him he could find the most studentish atmosphere and the greatest university of Iasi) and check on the faculties to see whichever he likes best (armed, of course, with strict and relevant criteria like: how good does it look, how amiable is the personnel, how far does he have to go for classes, and so on). His wanderings brought him, tired and bored, about midday, in front of the C building... There, he checked on the building: not the coolest he had seen, the personnel: pretty cool (checked!), how far the classroooms aaaaaarrrr... BBBUT, WHAT'S THAT??? A veeeery, veeeeery beautiful blonde girl has just come out of the building. Another two, equally beautiful, follow her. They giggle about something and light up their slim cigarettes talking loud and joyful about economy or smth, it doesn't matter anyway. The July sun is playing in their shiny hair and the mild wind spoils their delicate skin with its dance (enough bla-bla). Porkoo is enchanted: he cannot take his eyes away while his mind is far away into elaborating plans (from the smug 'hey, missy, lonely-lonely?' category) of how to get such a 'piece' for himself. Remember when I said that Porkoo hasn't got any big plans? Well, he kind of has one: he wants to get laid, he has seen it on TV, it seems cool; his friends also dropped some hints about being 'cool, man!' and sometimes, when he reads 'Sports Gazette' online and sees the beautiful girls, he feels some sort of strange feeling, like a sudden powerful desire, he dreams of hot nights and lazy mornings with such a lady. After the girls' cigarettes finished and they went inside, and after ten more minutes of staring at the wall against which they stood, Porkoo's brain finally comes up with an idea: they are, most probable, attending the faculty in this building so if he would join this faculty... He rushes inside looking for an office. Oh, there, on the left. In five minutes he was out, dreaming of a new life, proud of his new badge saying:

Faculty of Computer Science student


E said...

can't wait for scenes from the next episode :))

Evalica said...

- .-. -.-- / -- -.-- / ...-- -.... ----- :)