Thursday, June 21, 2007

Anca Luca, B.Sc.

It's all gone: yesterday I presented my BSc paper to the examiners, got my final grade and celebrated.

waiting to get in

It was a little easier than I expected, the examiners were even more biased than I thought they would be :), I was a little more nervous than I thought I would be (I wouldn't have realized it if my mouth didn't get very dry – that's how I know I'm nervous and I hate it because I can't speak properly). Anyway, the smiles I received all morning helped a lot, and I want to thank all the people that produced them: either face to face, either online (the instant messaging hugs), either on the phone. I managed to insert my usual jokes & smiles in the examining room so I biased the examiners a little more (oh, the priceless smile of the commission head, that made me realize that everything will be fine, though I kind of "missed" a couple of questions). The presentation was far more important than the actual work (at least, that's my opinion in my case), but it couldn't have been done without it.

waiting for the results

Then our BSc supervisor told us the final results, after a half an hour of waiting: I got the maximum grade (as everyone besides myself expected it).

Phones to friends & family, congratulations, etc, etc.

And then, in the afternoon a nice beer and chat between us, the winners (clockwise, from the top right corner of the table): Augustin Ciubotaru, Cati Valica, Sergiu Pantiru, Stefan Vrabie, Andrei Zanoaga, Amariei Ciprian, Andreea Pantescu, Adina Aniculaesei, Sabin Buraga, Radu Munteanu, Andrei Mihaila (two more winners, not present, were Adrian Duhnea and Cristian Luca).


Now I'm searching for something to do, maybe I'll clean up the computer a little (uninstall the useless stuff, free some disk space 'cause I badly need it, etc), or maybe I'll clean up the house, or maybe I'll cook something: though at some point I doubted it, it really is UNcool not to have anything to do, not to have a project that would keep you up in the night or give you codeful dreams.

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