Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Relaxng @ Ciric

on Sunday I went to a team building party (organized by Synygy) at Ciric, which is a wonderful place to go this time of the year, so if you have a spare weekend, use it wise ;).

It was a nice day, a little cloudy, ergo not as hot as Saturday (though at some point I wished it had been :D )

We had some nice barbecue, lots of beer, team building talks and, most important, football!!! It was a pleasant surprise to see that girls also played football along with the guys so I decided to join:

I almost forgot the taste of it: indeed, team games are so fine!

Because there were three teams, whichever lost more than two goals was kicked out, leaving the winner to play with the spare team. My team was the loosing team though we had a very good goalkeeper (Andrei), a nice (surprisingly nice, for some) defender (Petru) and some good attackers (amongst which I dare to count myself – except for the moments when I totally missed the ball :D ).

This competition for the field pushed me to an unconscious move: we desperately needed the goal and I was attacking: only two defenders to pass, both girls! Yeeeaaaah, I can do it! But seemingly, I played too many football computer games because I thought I can stop the running ball suddenly (and leave the defenders behind) like I'm doing with my console when controlling Ronaldinho. Guess what? Noooot so! (to quote Borat) So my right knee had an unpleasant meeting with the asphalt and my jeans doubled their value (that's how some of the guys expressed the fact that they were torn by the contact).

(No, no pictures of that – but you wouldn't want to see blood on the blog, wouldn't you?)

As if this wasn't enough, a terrible muscle pain haunts my body since yesterday morning (because of the sudden decision to practise some sports).

But all this is nothing compared to the wonderful Sunday afternoon...


Anonymous said...

Omg, there are "lots of bear" at Ciric? Well, maybe we should avoid that place, especially at night.

anca luca said...

Guilty as charged!